The Kyrgyz Republic

Horseback riding multi tour in Kyrgystan                                                     1000 USD






Horse riding - 5 days, distance 90 km

Treking - 2 days, distance 30 km

Total duration -  11 days

31.07 -10.08.2021

Route: Bishkek – Ala-Archa National park – Zhukuchak gorge – Orto-Bulak – Kichi-Kyzyl Suu – Jety-Oguz valley – Tamga – Issik-Kul Bishkek

To participate you must be an intemediant or a very confident rider. Take a few lessons of horse riding at your city

Day 1


Arriving at Bishkek. Out accommodation at the hostel. We strongly suggest arriving in the morning, this way we can help you with your accommodation and you be able to join us for a city tour. However, you can arrive at any time of the day, but be ready to accommodate yourself, by mentioning your instructor’s name. At the arrival day, we are conducting two meetings at the hostel, first one at 12: 00 pm and at night, at 9:00 pm.

About 2:00 pm. we want to invite you to the city tour of the capital. We will try to show you the most interesting historic places and the point of interest. Along the excursion, we all get the opportunity to get to know each other better. We will visit the very heart of Bishkek – Ala-Tao Square. Ala-Tao translates from Kyrgyz language as "Showy Mountains", symbolizes the nature of the country, two-thirds of which are mountains. Ala-Too square is the most popular place in a city. In the center of the square a bronze sculpture monument to the hero of the national epic Manas. In addition, we would like to visit the Oak Park – the central park. That place, full of history, has an open- air museum of sculptures. Dinner.

Overnight in hostel


Day 2

Trekking at Ala-Archa National park

An early start (from now on we need to make it as a habit). One of our group, who is on duty for today, making the breakfast. After the meal, we are visiting Ala-Archa National park. In Kyrrgyz, the archa, which gives the park its name is a bright or many – colored juniper. The park, which includes the gorge of Ala-Archa River and the mountains surrounding with challenging ice rocks and waterfalls, attracts the tourists all over the world.

So now we have trekking from alpine camp (2200 m a.s.l.) to Ak-Sai waterfall The waterfall is 30 meters high (2700 m a.s.l.). There we are getting something to eat. After some short picnic, we make descent back to alpine camp. Retune to Bishkek. Dinner.

Overnight in hostel


Day 3

Transfer by a car

An early start and breakfast. We have a long journey today. Today we travel towards Saruu Village, along the south shore of Issyk- Kul lake. On our way, we visit the medieval town Balasaguni, and while eating, listening to the legends and enjoying the view of Burana tower. Camping at Zhukuchak gorge, where we plan to start our route, bathing in the healing waters of a hot spring, which is not far from our campground. Dinner. Getting the safety instructions, recommendations and rules we need to follow on horseback trek.

Overnight in tens


Day 4

1th horseback riding day

As usually the early start. Cooking the breakfast, meeting our horses and our instructors. Our horse-riding trek starts out of Orto-Bulak valley and goes through mountain pass 2543 m a.s.l. Descent to Kichi-Kyzyl Suu valley. On our way down, having a lunch and arriving at the dense woods valley. Installing a tent camp. Dinner.

Overnight in tens


Day 5

2th horseback riding day

Following breakfast, we start out of Kichi- Kyzyl Suu gorge. The gorge very famous for its mountain is fast- flowing rivers and nomads. You get a chance to meet with nomad families and experience their way of life. Late afternoon we will arrive to Gill- Suu hot mineral springs. Setting up the camp. If you wish, you can enjoy bathing in the springs after a long day. Dinner.

Overnight in tens


Day 6

3th horseback riding day

Right after the breakfast, we are on our way to the famous Suttu-Bulak valley. We riding over the At-Jailoo pass (2751 m a.s.l.). From there we can enjoy the view of the grandiose lake Issik-Kul! Descent down into the Suttu-Bulak valley, where the nomad yurt’s camp located. Setting up the camp next to nomad’s yurts. Dinner.

Overnight in tens


Day 7

4th horseback riding day

After the breakfast, we have a radial trekking day, starting out of the yurt's camp. Leaving our backpacks at the camp with security. Today we are going to Djety-Oguz valley. Our way is up towards the high summits. On the way, on the top stop for a meal. After a short picnic, continue going down to Kok- Zhayyk valley, also known as a valley of Flowers, visiting the waterfall, which has the same name, and then going back to the yurt's camp. Dinner.

Overnight in tens


Day 8

5th horseback riding day

This is the last day of our horseback riding journey. After the breakfast, we riding to Djety-Oguz valley. We will ride to the canyon of Red Rocks, also known as Seven Bulls. Here is the end of our horse-riding venture. From here we are taking the car to Tamga village. Accommodations at the guesthouse. At night, for everyone we offer to visit a bathhouse. Dinner.

Overnight in guesthouse


Day 9

Hiking day

Start at 9 am after the breakfast you can take a swim in the Issik-Kul's cold water. After returning from the lake and having the lunch at the guesthouse, we have a radial trekking (about 12 km) to Tamga-Tash tract. The people know the legend that Buddhist’s were interested in the establishment of the Holy Shamballa here. Indeed, it is very difficult to find another such a beautiful place on earth!

Overnight in guesthouse


Day 10

Transfer by a car to Bishkek 

Today is an ideal day to get some rest. After breakfast, around noon, we are on our way. Nice mountain drive along the south bank of Issik-Kul, leads us to the capital. On our way, we are making a brief stop at the Boom gorge, where the National park is located, the unique complex of preserved landscapes with their diverse variety of flora and fauna, from the fast flowing rivers and deserts to the Glacier Mountains. Arriving at Bishkek around 7 pm. Accommodation at the hostel. The farewell dinner.

Overnight in hostel


Day 11

The day of departure

If your flight is late at night, you may wish to visit a hippodrome or some other attractions. We hope you enjoyed your trip and will return soon to explore other Central Asian Countries.