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Horseback riding multi tour in Georgia

Horseback trip
Horseback trip

Horse riding in Georgia

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Eco-tour in Georgia
Eco-tour in Georgia


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Active tour in Georgia
Active tour in Georgia

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Horseback trip
Horseback trip

Horse riding in Georgia

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830 EUR

Horse riding - 3 days, distance 80 km

Treking - 1 day, distance 15 km

Rafting - 1 hour, 8 km

Seaside relax - 3 days

Total duration -  13 days

20 - 31 july 2019
10 - 22 august 2019

Route: Tbilisi – Shuamta – Alaverdi – Omalo – Dartlo – Chesho pass – Girevi – Atsunta pass – Muzo – Shatili – Tvalivi – Tbilisi – Kobuleti – Batumi

To participate you must be an intemediant or a very confident rider. Take a few lessons of horse riding at your city

Day 1

As you arrived to Tbilisi we are meeting at the hostel, where we are spending the night. It worth to arrive before noon, this way you have time to explore the city or walk with us Naricala Hill and enjoy the view of the city from above. Also you may enjoy the old town, shopping, Georgian cousine dining at the local restaurant, fine khinkali, homemade wine low prices is highly recommended!!


Day 2

Right after the breakfast, around 9 a.m. we are taking a bus to Kakheti to visit Shuamta Monastery Complex. The monastery of Dzveli Shuamta is an ensemble of several churches. The small church dates back to V century. The other two to dates to VII century. In the churches are still paintings of XII century. The monastery of Akhati Shuanta was built later in the XVI century. The monastery still works. The complex of the monastery includes a large temple, a bell tower, according to legend the monastery was built by the kakhetian queen Tina. After the picnic, we are visiting Ikalto. Ikalto - monastery, the one of the first in Georgia and in Kakheti. It is a very compact monastery, there are only three churches and an economic building, which in the past was called Academy, by the fact that Shota Rustavelli studied there. And our last visit for the day is Alaverdi Monastery. It is a cathedral eastern orthodox monastery of the first quarter of the XI century, located 25 km from Akhmeta.

Then we go to a camping place. Tonight we cook our dinner on fireplace at first time.


Day 3

For some of you, who enjoyed the soviet film" Mimino" our visit to Omalo is going to be really special!! Omalo is the Capital of Tusheti, where we go by jeeps. It is the largest and most populated village in Tusheti, located at the crossroads of all Tusheti and it is impossible to pass by it. In addition, on the way to Omali we are visiting the sulfur bath. After the lunch, we are taking a walk to Upper Omalo. Upper Omalo is located 2071 meters above the sea level. There is the most impressive tower group in Georgia. You can also can find a couple of cafes there and you have a choice of visit them or take a shower there! We are spending the night at our campground and getting ready for a big trekking day tomorrow.



Day 4

Dartlo, Georgia After the breakfast we are trekking to Dartlo. Dartlo is a highest village in Tusheti. It almost became depopulated. Only the few families there hibernate through the winter. It is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above the sea level. From there we are trekking to Kvalvo. Kvalvo is already empty village, on the high hill, about 500-600 meters up from Dartlo. Tonight, while cooking the dinner, we are meeting our local instructors and our horses.


Day 5

How exciting! Our first horseback riding day is about to begin! When you get your horse, you can get into the saddle and practice a little, while we're still at the campground. Putting our stuff together takes time and keeping us busy, but it's time to say "goodbye" to Dartlo and hit the road. Our way is along the right bank of Piricitski Alazani river, craul up the serpentine, overcome Chesho pass and Chesho village. Chesho is just 5 km from Dartlo, but it is the end of the road, the end of civilization, we're cut off from outside world and from now on there only us and the trail. We are on the difficult path but it's considered the best mountain horseback riding in Georgia. In Parsma (2095 meters above the sea level) and 3 km from Chesho again we can enjoy the view of the stone towers, stand on a steep stope the mountain. The river running down below, we're passing by Parsma and hiding to Girevi village, where we'll register with our borders troop’s services and having a picnic. After that, we continue our journey. About 10 more kilometers towards the Chechnia's path. Today we had the longest trail. Tomorrow we getting ready early in the morning. It's time for rest. We are camping under the Atsunta pass


Day 6

Good morning! As it was planned, we're starting our day earlier. We are awake in our saddles, ready for the complexity of Atsunta pass (3431 m), which the one of the highest passes in Europe. Our way is through the Atsunta pass to Khevsureti. Landscape is changing but beauty is the will stay in your dreams for a long time, if not forever! We are spending the night not far from the border post (our border guards keeping our rest peaceful).


Day 7

Our last day at the saddle. Today our trail goes down to the Ardoti valley and in 15 km we end up at Ardoti village. Muzo is "the dead town"- how locals calls the village, which been completely depopulated since 1931. After the lunch, we are heading towards Shatili. The last 12 km of our trip from Muzo to Shatili we have time to thanks our local instructors, to tell them how much we appreciate their help, how much knowledge and skills it took to make our trip unforgettable, enjoyable and safe even at the most complex parts we are putting tents together, cooking the dinner.

Day 8

After the breakfast we are taking a walk around Shatili, waving to our border guards - we are on the Chechen's border. Enjoying the beauty of Argunski valley. Shatili is a historic highland village near the border with Chechnya. Here we see not just individual towers, but something complex, actually a whole fortress a not- trivial design. As a rule, all of the mountain villages of Georgia have some form of the fortifications, but the largest ones were built on the border areas. In this case, the village is right on the border, so everything is serious here. Shatili is the most expressive and the most famous village in Khevsureti. In the past, the local people had a profession as a warrior. Constantly they had to fight with the Chechens for the territory.

After lunch, we are getting ready for the new adventure. The bus is going to take us to the bank of Pshavski Aragvi river, where our one hour rafting tour is going to begin. Our experienced instructors is making sure our tour is safe and unforgettable. Rafting in Georgia is something you just can't miss, after one hour tour we are on our way back to Tbilisi, where we are having a dinner at the Christian's cafe and spending the night at the hostel.


Day 9

All day tour in Tbilisi. There are some places you just must see in the city. We are taking you to the main sights and streets of old Tbilisi. We are going to visit:

 - Rustavely Prospect and Freedom Square, where noisy and busy Tbilisi is quite different.

- Bridge of Peace

- Flea Market

- Canyon with the Waterfall in downtown Tbilisi.

And to the place called Abanotubani, famous for its sulfutic baths complex (serny banya). As you wish you can finish a walk after a busy day to the stream of sulfric bath.

We are spending the night on the bus- we are on our way to Batumi!


Day 10

Early in the morning we're arriving to Kabuleti. Kabuleti is a small resort on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, not far from Batumi. We are staying at the guesthouse. Don't miss a great opportunity to relax and catch on your sleep)) it's also an ideal time to have a good rest on the Sea cost. Our guest house is not far from the beach. Enjoy your rest!

Day 11 and Day 12

we are going to spend having a relaxing time

Day 13

It is time to say good bye! 

We recommend you to take tiket from Batumi.